As a Seattle chiropractor with a unique interest in using massage to relax your muscles before you are adjusted, I’ve created a hybrid therapy. Flourish hybrid treatments combine hot stone therapy, focused deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjusting in a relaxing spa environment. Refresh your energy, heal faster and more comfortably by choosing this combination therapy that minimizes your time away from work and activities. You can expect an honest explanation of what is causing your problems, as well as treatment on your first visit. On a personal note, I can relate to most injuries and pains you may be experiencing due to my own background of sudden pains due to high-stress/ high-workload issues (neck pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain), to cardio-focused sports injuries (my knee pain from dance, gymnastics, and track), to the asymmetries and subsequent pain from serving and bar tending I did for years (shoulder pain, low back pain).

Whether you have a sports injury like tendinitis of the knee, stress-induced neck or low back pain, or a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, I can help you understand what is going on and what you can do to heal yourself faster. The flourish hybrid treatments can also be used as a way to reduce total body tension, stress and anxiety (even if you don’t have a specific injury). Whatever your reason for needing therapy, you will most certainly have multiple factors to address to heal fully.


10/15/14 Massage opening

Isak is booked until November but we had a cancellation for todays appointment at 4:30pm!!! Call 206-851-2242 if you want it!


Ankle Sprain? Look How We Can Help!

ankle 3 31 sprain

March 31

Moderate to severe sprain of the left ankle.  Wanted to be ready to snowboard in 2 weeks.


ankle 4 14 healingApril 14

After 2 weeks and 5 treatments of muscle work and adjusting…off to the slopes!


Top 3 Recovery Items for Your Body!

My Top 3 Recovery Items:

  • Epsom Salt Bath  Salt baths are the perfect way to relieve muscle soreness.  The salt content in the water of the bath (1 cup) is higher than the level in your body and will pull excess water from swelling and inflammation out of your muscles by osmosis!
  • Nanogreens An incredible source of antioxidants to combat the free radicals you create from exercise and sun exposure.  It also has all the greens and fruit extracts you need for an extra burst of energy and metabolism! Learn more about Nanogreens HERE.
  • Foam Roller Stretching is great after activity but foam rolling is superior.  It slowly presses out any tight knots you have created with your activities and can get to areas of muscle that stretching can’t reach.  My favorite brand can be purchased on Amazon HERE

We carry Nanogreens and a few foam rollers.  You can also find foam rollers on Amazon, and espom salt at your local health store!