As a Seattle chiropractor with a unique interest in using massage to relax your muscles before you are adjusted, I’ve created a hybrid therapy. Flourish hybrid treatments combine hot stone therapy, focused deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjusting in a relaxing spa environment. Refresh your energy, heal faster and more comfortably by choosing this combination therapy that minimizes your time away from work and activities. You can expect an honest explanation of what is causing your problems, as well as treatment on your first visit. On a personal note, I can relate to most injuries and pains you may be experiencing due to my own background of sudden pains due to high-stress/ high-workload issues (neck pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain), to cardio-focused sports injuries (my knee pain from dance, gymnastics, and track), to the asymmetries and subsequent pain from serving and bar tending I did for years (shoulder pain, low back pain).

Whether you have a sports injury like tendinitis of the knee, stress-induced neck or low back pain, or a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, I can help you understand what is going on and what you can do to heal yourself faster. The flourish hybrid treatments can also be used as a way to reduce total body tension, stress and anxiety (even if you don’t have a specific injury). Whatever your reason for needing therapy, you will most certainly have multiple factors to address to heal fully.


Sledding In!!!

Isak and myself (Dr. Kristi) will both be making it to work on Sunday 2/9/14 even with the snow!  If you need to cancel, we totally understand and support/appreciate you putting your safety first!!!!  Just call and leave a voicemail at 206-851-2242!  I’ll check them when I get in tomorrow morning.  But if you can walk over and would like to enjoy your snowcation at our toasty warm office, please come on  by!



No Longer Accepting Regence

Starting December 1, 2013 Flourish will no longer be accepting Regence Blue Shield Insurance.  For our patients that have been with us before this cutoff, there may be a way to continue care so please speak with Dr. Kristi.  The new regulations for Regence that began November 1st have made it no longer a viable option for us to bill-even with out-of-network.  Apologies for this inconvenience, and again please speak with Dr. Kristi if you are a current patient with this insurance to discuss future options.


Free Gift Bag with Ladies Night Tonight!!!!

Come by Flourish any time between 6-8 pm and have the chance to purchase massages for $40 per session!  Get a gift bag with a sample of body scrub from 100% Pure, bath salts, truffles, and a Nanogreens sample!

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